“As resident council president for the past year, I can say everything from the activities to the nursing staff to the soup is great. Especially bingo and music.”
-Lydia R., Resident Council President

“As a resident of 8 years of Regents Park, I feel that the living conditions here are very lovely. They are respectful of me as a person. The staff and administration are wonderful and makes it quite pleasant to live here.”
-Rae P., long term resident

“This is my home and I am proud of it. They are good as gold to me here. I have been here 2-1/2 years and I would not go anywhere else.”
-Franklin S., long term resident

“I was able to relinquish many of the responsibilities of my mother’s care after her admission to Regents Park in April of 2010. Mom’s condition required intensive physical therapy and nursing care which she would never have been able to receive at home. My sister and I toured every rehab facility in the Orlando area and found the staff at Regents Park of Winter Park to be the most down to earth, friendly, and most focused on therapy, physical recovery and plan of care.”
-Mark J., son of Cecelia D. and primary caregiver of his mother

“This is a very clean facility with a great group of therapists.”
-Judy S., short term rehab patient

“As ‘Ambassador of Good Will’ and long term resident of Regents Park of Winter Park, I can truly say ‘this is the place is the best.’ If you have to live away from home, this is the place to be.”
-Rae P., long term resident